Peter Rolls | Sound Design, Audio Post Production

Sound Design, Audio Post Production


A musically edited collection of moments from the projects I’ve sound designed and mixed.

Saatchi Sculpture

A single swing, a single strike, and the destruction that follows. …

Harrods Colour Explosion

Simply breathtaking. Powder paint impacts at over a thousand frames per second.

Jaguar F-Type

The new Jaguar F-Type. Don't just take the corner, own it. Stunning high frame rate photography with unique sound texture and impact

BMW “I Am”

A BMW may not be born of the Middle East but …

LEGO DC Super Villains

The supervillains of the DC Universe are the star of the next Lego action-adventure game. Sound design, sound mix and even some additional character voices.

Nitro Warriors – Nemesis

A Lotus Esprit attempts to deftly outmanoeuvre all enemies in its path, including a couple of cunning twin predator Chevrolet Camaro's and a menacing Lamborghini. But at the end of the road darker forces await...

Ronaldo – Give Blood

The man, the legend helping raise awareness in this blood-drive campaign.

Peru: The Generation With a Cause

“We’re trying to use gastronomy as a social instrument,” says Ocampo, who …

Virgin Active – Tough Mudder

Mud, glorious mud. Another high-frame-rate piece with some seriously syrupy mud sounds.

Chevrolet Camero

The All-New Chevrolet Camaro can go from 0-100mph-0 in 313m. So we came to the Skydive Dubai Runway to put it to the test. The results, well they speak for themselves.

Nismo Vs Wingsuit

Sound design, music edit and sound mix / dub on this incredible wingsuit film produced right here in the studios

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Good sound has the power to captivate, to narrate, to move you on an emotional level. My aim is to create visceral, engaging, believable sound that integrates perfectly with the visuals. This can be through subtle recreation of atmosphere or expressive and obviously designed soundscapes.

Whether track-laying natural foley sounds, designing spot effects, creating animation character voices and sound effects or saving production dialogue, I will create a soundtrack that strengthens the narrative, enhances the experience and draws the audience into the story.


  • Sound Design
  • Sound Editing
  • Sound Mixing for broadcast (R128)
  • Dialogue editing and production
  • Foley editing and track-lay
  • Voiceover production
  • Podcast recording and production
  • Music Production
  • 360 Spatial Audio
  • Animation Sound Effects
  • Character Voices
  • Audio Restoration


I run a ProTools HD12 Mac Pro with video reference through AJA hardware for frame accurate sync.

My studio has around 20 acoustic panels and bass-traps to control the in-room acoustics, and the room itself is triple-walled for isolation.  It’s quiet and climate controlled.

Voiceovers are recording in a WhisperRoom (Deluxe) vocal booth with both phone and Skype dial-in for remote directing of voiceover sessions, and processing from API, Neve, Universal Audio, Pultec and SPL for a smooth, sweet vocal sound.

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